Are You Ready For A Wild Ride?


To a good surfer, this would be an awesome wave. He would feel in total control as he balanced and maneuvered his way through it, finally landing on the shore.

As I look at the picture, though, I am struck by how huge and powerful the wave is compared to the small person riding it. It would only take one mistake for him to be totally swallowed up.

I wonder if many of us feel that life is so huge, powerful, and overwhelming that we can’t see much light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have asked Jesus to come in your heart and you are a Christian, imagine that the huge wave is God and you are the surfer.  He totally surrounds you on all sides, while He leads and maneuvers you through some treacherous waters until you reach the shore safely.

Give him control of your life and let Him lead you in the direction He would have you to go.

It might be a wild ride, but you won’t be bored!! You really can trust Him to give you His Very Best.

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