About Me

Cathy Deaton My name is Cathy Deaton.

I was raised in church and have been a Christian from a young age, but somehow never came to really KNOW God. I knew all the Bible stories and even read my Bible and prayed, but God just wasn’t very real to me. Most of the time, when I had exhausted all other options for solving a problem, I turned to Him last. I should have gone to Him first and let Him handle it.

I certainly didn’t know what faith meant, or really how to pray for my needs or the needs of others.

I want this blog to show what God has become to me. I have found that He is much more than someone up in Heaven waiting to ZAP! me when I do something wrong. He is very relevant for today, and already knows my needs before I ever ask Him for anything.

He is a God who cares about even the smallest of things in my life. I can trust Him to always have my best interest in mind for whatever direction I need to take.

These last few years, my life has been filled with much wonder and awe when I see God be able to use me to do something for Him. There is no other feeling that is quite the same. I have never been disappointed when I have completely turned everything over to Him. He can always find a way where there just isn’t one that I can see.

I truly want to know Who God Is and surrender my life to Him.


9 responses to “About Me

  1. Dearest Cathy,
    God has truly blessed me by getting to know you. It is wonderful to have a friend like you that you can be yourself (true self). God has a way of using you to sift the chaff and lovingly speak truth. My prayer for us all is to be totally obedient and committed to our Savior. Our God is indeed a God of detail.

  2. Tim Rabon, Jr.

    Cool blog. I just subscribed to it. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Aunt Cathy,
    I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly. I have enjoyed it so far. I especially liked “The Rich Family in Church” story. Love you!

  4. Cathy,
    We enjoy your (Blog) very much.We are so glad we subscribed to it.It is very interesting.We are so proud of you and your good work for the Lord.We Love You,
    Daddy and Mama Ammons.

  5. Hi Cathy!

    I found your blog from Propeller… I’m glad I did!!! Your blog entries are very relevant for my day-to-day life. Sometimes I just need a reminder and you have been quite good at that.

    I’ve subscribed to you!!!

    God bless you.

  6. Hi Cathy,

    I stumbled across your blog recently and I saw a while ago you posted the Mom Song Videos by Anita Renfroe to William Tell’s Overture (I know hilarious!) anyway, I run a parenting blog written by teen’s for the kid’s perspective on parenting called OnTeensToday.com. We made a kid’s version of the song. I was wondering if you would check it out?


    We are all about getting kid’s voices heard and think this is a funny way to do it, we would be so appreciative of any posts of it you would be willing to do. We would also love to maybe have you guest post on our blog or do some link love sharing…we are all about spreading positive family values. Please let us know!

    Vanessa Van Petten and the Teen Team

  7. Wow I have read several of your posts, and it’s easy to tell how God is doing GREAT things through you!

    Keep it up.
    God bless,
    Garrett Oden

  8. Thank you so much Garrett for the kind comment. I really do want God to be able to work through me and use me in whatever way He chooses. He truly is an Awesome God!!!

  9. Dear Cathy,
    I am glad that I found your site today. I am also new to the blogging world with the encouragement of my son. My site is set up to share my faith and the light and love of Christ. I will be subscribing to your site and will visit often! Glad that God allowed our paths to cross today.

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