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Patience is a form of Action!

I would love to give credit, but I have no idea of the author. It sure gives a great word picture of what can happen when we rebel and determine to do things our own way no matter what God says. Sometimes I think it takes Him much longer to answer our prayers because we have messed things up trying to make something happen ourselves. Then He has to undo our damage before He can make things right.

All the while, then, we find ourselves thinking about how slow God is. If we could just see things from His perspective, we would find that we can trust Him with every detail and know that He will work everything out for the best.

I came across an anonymous quote the other day that I put in a place where I can see it every day to help me remember its point:


God loves His Children with a love that we can’t even imagine. Trust Him to supply your needs and work on your behalf.

What happens sometimes when we try to do it ourselves!

What happens sometimes when we try to do it ourselves!

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