Who but God could have Invented these Awesome Things!

I serve  an awesome God who created the earth and the whole solar system with all the planets. Even after hundreds of years, we are still finding galaxies and planets we never knew existed. What man could have ever thought to invent such marvelous things as those in the photos below?

These photos are from NASA/ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team. They were made by the Hubble Telescope.


This is a star cluster with stars of three age groups. There are approximately 10,000 stars here and this cluster is 13,300 light years away from earth.


This is Bodes Galaxy. It is 11.6 million light years away from earth, and it is 70,000 light years across its whole galaxy.


We all know that Saturn is the closest to earth of the three photos. It is 67 light minutes away, and is 9.5 times wider than earth.

I feel overwhelmed as I look at these photos. God is much deeper and more sovereign than we could ever imagine. The whole universe is delicately balanced in his hands.

So if  He has “the whole world in His hands” as the children song says, can’t you trust Him to handle your problems?

Think about His Majesty and Awesomeness the next time you look up at the night sky!

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